We are pleased to announce “‘Beyond the Fringe – the Future of the Left’, a series of events running alongside the Labour’s Party conference in late September. The initiative, supported by the Merseyside Pensioners’ Association, the Labour Left Alliance, the Socialist Labour Network, Labour Party Marxists, Resist and leading socialist activists and organisations across the UK, will feature sessions led by:

  • Ian Hodson (Bakers, Food and Allied Food Workers’ Union),
  • Stella Assange,
  • former Labour MP Chris Williamson,
  • anti-racism campaigner Jackie Walker,
  • Howard Beckett,
  • Huda Ammori of Palestine Action,
  • Asa Winstanley (Electronic Intifada),
  • blogger Tony Greenstein
  • Roger Silverman (Labour NEC candidate)
  • Liverpool socialists Audrey White and Anna Rothery,
  • acclaimed and published poet Kevin Higgins
  • and many more.

The focus will be on vigorous discussion with voices from opposing sides of the major issues facing working people in the UK and abroad.

Broadcasting and streaming live from two different studios in the heart of Liverpool, on September 26-27 the event features debates and discussions including major voices from across the Left. Transmissions will be of the highest standard and meetings will be interlinked with music, poetry, satire, film and interviews, featuring both nationally-known and Merseyside-based artists and writers. There is, of course, some space for an in-person audience as well! But tickets go strictly on a first come, first served basis.

The event will finish with three major debates on Wednesday, September 28, bringing together leading voices from across our movement to discuss free speech, the future of the Labour Party and the way forward for the Left.

For more information and to buy your tickets, visit:https://www.futureoftheleft.org.uk.