Join Craig Murray, Andrew Feinstein, Audrey White, Stella Assange, Ian Hodson, Jackie Walker, Marc Wadsworth, Teddy Brown and many others in Liverpool! 

Our unique fringe event alongside the Labour Party’s annual conference in Liverpool has just been covered in the Morning Star and Skwawkbox

-> Please note that tickets for the ‘real-life’ session on Wednesday September 28 are now for sale on our website (as well as the tickets to watch all three days via livestream)  – click here 

We’ll be streaming live with an array of speakers and commentators to fearlessly debate the real issues facing people at home and overseas. We will be talking about all the things the Labour Party will not be discussing at their annual conference this year. And we have gone out of our way to make sure that different viewpoints are heard – we don’t believe in censorship or no-platforming inconvenient positions. If we are serious about rebuilding the left, we need to embrace and encourage honest discussion and free debate and not ‘cancel’ each other because we disagree. 

But we also need your help to make this a success and start rebuilding the left. 

First, check out some of the highlights. For the full programme, click here

  • What future for the left? – Debating the way forward. 
  • Is the Labour Party dead? – A debate about our attitude to Labour under Starmer. 
  • The summer of discontent – which strategy now for the trade unions? With Ian Hodson, Howard Beckett, Dave Walsh and special guests;
  • Assange, state secrecy and cover-ups. With Stella Assange, Dr Deepa Driver, Professor Iain Munroe and Ögmundur Jonasson;
  • Getting ready for the next world war? Lessons for the left from the war in Ukraine. With Roger Silverman, Richard Brenner, Simon Pirani and others
  • Socialism and the climate catastrophe. You can’t build socialism on a dead planet! With Elaine Graham-Leigh, Matthew T. Huber and guests;
  • You can’t say that! Racism, antisemitism, ID politics – are there limits to free speech? With Steve Walker, Jackie Walker, Tony Greenstein, Esther Giles and Chris Williamson;
  • The Middle Eastern revolution and the struggle for Palestinian rights. With Asa Winstanley, Huda Ammori, David Miller and Ronnie Barkan;
  • Has the Left got it wrong on race? With Marc Wadsworth and Jackie Walker;
  • Lessons from Liverpool: fighting back in the 1980s With Audrey White Tony Rimmer, Paul Astbury, Felicity Dowling, Harry Smith, Dave Walsh & guests;

Also, we’ll be keeping the mood light between items with music, comedy, poetry and much much more.

The way we see it is that this is YOUR event. Several organisations have generously donated to help subsidise it, but we do not have the resources as grassroots activists to provide it for free. We wish we could! In future years, we hope we can! 

You can help by: 

  • buying your tickets here 
  • making a donation here
  • asking your organisation and trade union to sponsor us! Email to find out more. 

We are a group of socialists and activists from Merseyside, and beyond who want to build a real alternative to the Tories and Starmer. 

See you on September 26 – either on the livestream or in ‘real’ in Liverpool! 

In solidarity

The Future of the Left team