Future of the Left is proud to present an exclusive insight into the work of the team behind, The Wrong Sort of Jew.

Fake accusations of antisemitism did as much as anything to derail the Corbyn Project in the run-up to the 2019 General Election. Many on the Left of the Party were targeted by the right-wing Party bureaucracy and subjected to investigation, sanction and in many cases, expulsion, for supporting Palestine or criticising Israel. Bizarrely, this included many actual Jews.

The Wrong Sort of Jew is a verbatim play, by Tayo Aluko, Emma Bird, John Davies & Farhana Sheikh which is being constructed from zoom interviews with over thirty of these Jewish victims of the purge. The interviewees talked frankly, movingly and sometimes angrily about their backgrounds, their experiences and influences, their thoughts on the future of the Labour Party, and much else. In this preview, we see some raw footage from some of those zoom interviews.

Future of the Left will be broadcasting excerpts from the original Zoom interviews on Monday 26th & Tuesday 27th September. Not to be missed. Get your online tickets now.