Rebel activists plan to launch a state-of-the-art radical alternative to the Labour Party conference in Liverpool autumn.

It will, the organisers claim, form a major offensive in a new leftwing fightback against  both the Tories and Keir Starmer’s Labour Party.

“Beyond the Fringe – the Future of the Left”,  will be a three-day series of events running alongside the Labour’s Party conference in late September. 

Speakers will include former Labour MP Chris Williamson, anti-racism campaigner Jackie Walker, Stella Assange (wife of Julian Assange), and Liverpool pensioners’ campaigner Audrey White who recently took on Keir Starmer in a filmed confrontation that went viral. 

The future for the left, is the Labour Party dead?, the Forde Report, the cost of living crisis, the upsurge in trade union activism, the war in the Ukraine, racism, sexual politics  and the secret state are only a few of the key themes which will be debated in this alternative conference..

The idea for Beyond The Fringe came from a group of Merseyside socialists, many of whom were expelled during what the organisers describe as Labour’s witch-hunt against the Left.

Beyond the Fringe Producer, Paula Drummond, said: “We wanted a real alternative fringe rather than the sanitised and controlled meetings you usually get at Labour Party conference. So we developed the idea of a live online tv format, with interactive debate open to everyone, with a strong Scouse flavour. It’s vital that now more than ever the Left, both inside and outside Labour, discusses the way forward and develops a real strategy that empowers the working-class movement”.

Kevin Bean, Beyond the Fringe Chair, added: “The trade unions are fighting back against the attacks on living standards and conditions, but we need to go beyond defending wages and develop a real alternative to both the Tories and Starmer’s pro-capitalist leadership of the Labour Party. We believe ‘Beyond the Fringe’ will be an important part of that battle. Whatever Starmer and the pro-capitalist Right might hope, ‘Beyond The Fringe’ shows we haven’t gone away and we’re fighting back!”

Beyond The Fringe will be broadcast and streamed live from studios in the heart of Liverpool and meetings will be interlinked with music, poetry, satire, film and interviews, featuring both nationally-known and Merseyside-based artists and writers.

A more detailed programme for the event is available on